White Roofing Solution

Cool Zone® – Cool Roofing System

coolzoneIn the commercial roofing industry, reflectivity and cool roofing has been the dominant discussion point for several years, and the Duro-Last® Cool Zone® roofing system has set the standard for white roof single-ply roof reflectivity and the resulting energy savings. Now, terms like sustainability, cool roofs, and cool roofing are receiving a lot of attention, and once again, Duro-Last is setting the bar.

But what does sustainability and cool roofing really mean for building owners, facility managers, contractors, architects, and other specifiers? It means that the design, construction, maintenance, life-cycle impact, adaptive re-use, destruction, and recycling of roofing components must help meet the long-term environmental standards demanded by today’s high-performance buildings.

White Roof

To be considered “sustainable,” a roofing system must meet the Five E’s of high-performance roofing: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering. In each of these areas, the Duro-Last Cool Zone cool roofing system leads the commercial roofing industry. Click Here to learn more about the Five E’s and how the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system delivers on the multiple demands of high-performance roofing.

Duro-Last White Roof

  • Duro-Last is the best white roof solution for flat, low sloped roofs, and metal standing seam retro-fit.
  • It offers a completely sealed system that protects your building, and it’s contents. Duro-Last White roofing offers 86% UV reflect-ability over the life of the material.
  • 15-yr-warranty with no dollar limit.

Save Money by avoiding a tear-off.

Duro-Last usually installs over the top of your old roof, whether it’s Spray Foam, BUR, Modified Bitmen, EPDM, TPO, or another PVC system.

White Roof Stack Detail

Stack Detail

White Roof Two-way Vent

Two-way Vent

White Roof High Wall Detail

High Wall Detail

White Roof Low Wall Detail

Low Wall Detail

Duro-Last GreenBay 1990

GreenBay 1990

Duro-Last AutoZone 2005

AutoZone 2005