Roof Consulting Services

Do you currently own, or are thinking about purchasing a flat roof building?  Don’t wonder about what shape your roof is in.  Hayes Roofing Inc. offers an innitial complimentary flatroof inspection.  We can evaluate your roofing needs, and let you know if  and what your roof problems are.

More than a consultant, Hayes Roofing Inc. a commercial roofing Company that works as an extension of your staff. We work with you from the beginning to the end of your roof management process—identifying roof problems with solutions to correct them, designing high quality roof systems for the long term, we always help analyze  competitive roof installation bids and if we do not have the winning bid we offer to manage the roof construction process.

Our 30+ years of specialized roof consulting experience combined with our dedication and responsiveness have made us one of the Cincinnati’s leading roof management and consulting firms.

Why do you need a roofing inspector?

If you are having any roofing work done on your building, you must consider having an on-site third-party observer on the site. An improperly installed new roof will result in premature failure, leakage, interior damage and voiding of any manufacturer’s warranties. If there is a job site injury it has a compound effect on everyone including the owner of the property and the architect.

Consider the facts:

  • Over 70% of all construction litigation involves roofing installations.
  • Roofing is the second highest rated trade for Workman’s Compensation due to injury and claims made.
  • Not all contractors install all roofs according to written specifications and industry standards.Roof Consulting Services
  • Studies show that 15%-18% of all roofing systems installed will fail in less than 5 years due to poor workmanship and design.
  • Our professional site managers are familiar with all current roofing procedures to insure the roof system is installed properly so that it will fulfill it’s designed, serviceable life.
  • Architects, developers and contractors are liable for mold issues related to moisture intrusion due to wet materials being installed and poor quality workmanship.

Common Roof Failure Causes:

  • Failure due to standing water
  • Improperly installed HVAC unit
  • Improper application at seam
  • Roof failure due to poor workmanship
  • Improper attachment of a new deck can cause a roof failure
  • Improperly stored and damaged materials will lead to premature roof failure

The Solution

Contact the professionals at Hayes Roofing Inc. today to ensure sound roofing service practices and protect one of your most valuable investments.

Contact us for flat roof consulting services, construction, installation, architectural evaluation.

We service Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton OH.