White Roofs Can Make A Difference


A little Strange BUT…..

Although to my knowledge there have been no intentional white roof studies concerning global climate cooling on a concentrated large area. We have, by happenstance created a laboratory in the creation of white reflective roof surfaces in the Almería province of southern Spain.
Now whether or not you are a climate change advocate the point is we can, as a community, substantially alter average temperatures in a given area with white reflective roof surfaces. This is not theory but fact as the environment in Almería province has proven change with the introduction of white roofs.
From the lens of a passing satellite, Almería province is one of the most recognizable spots on the planet. The white roofs of tens of thousands of closely packed plastic greenhouses form a blanket of mirrored light beaming into space.1
In a real-world 2008 case study of large-scale cooling from increased reflectivity, it was found that the has cooled 1.6 °C over a period of 20 years compared to surrounding regions, as a result of polythene-covered greenhouses being installed over a vast area that was previously open desert. In the summer the farmers whitewash these roofs to cool their plants down.2

So, besides a Duro-Last white roof being the best investment for your building you are, in some fractional sense helping to cool the climate outside your building are well

Written by Brad Glass


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